"If Ron really farts, you don't get back up" - Wesley Plaisier sides with compatriot Meulenkamp in 'Fartgate' drama

On the Modus Super Series last week, there was much talk about the so-called "fartgate" drama involving both Ron Meulenkamp and Darren Webster.

Webster, after losing his match against Meulenkamp, accused the Dutchman of stinking out the stage with a fart. He made his complaint on social media, much to the displeasure of Meulenkamp, who denied having done anything wrong.

Wesley Plaisier is good friends with Ron Meulenkamp and reacted to Double Top podcast about the incident. "It's completely taken out of context by Webster's post on social media. I heard from Ron that he did nothing wrong and that there was a foul smell in the room all day."

"I do know that if Ron really farts, you don't get back up," laughed Plaisier. "But here he was just falsely accused. Ron shook hands with Webster afterwards, I don't think I would have done that anymore. I wouldn't even look at him again."

Plaisier himself, however, has never experienced anything similar. "Certainly not on a stage," he says. "I may have accidentally farted once in the pub, but that happens to everyone (laughs)."

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