Montgomery on reaction to PDC switch after BDO loyalty: "There are a lot of armchair professionals out there"

Ross Montgomery has made the switch to the PDC sealing his spot over the past week at Q-School and will lean on his friend and former Scotland teammate, Alan Soutar.

"I'll sit and have a chat privately with Alan about things," said Montgomery to Lanarkshire Live Sport.

"He was talking to me the other day as well and he really knows what it's like [to juggle a job with the Tour].

"I'm sure he'll help me out and I'll pick a couple of other player's brains as well.

"I've been all over the world with Alan, playing for Scotland together and things like that down the years so we are good pals.

"You have to keep winning on this tour. The money is not just handed to you.

"The expense is going to be incredible and that's why I need to speak to my sponsors.

"The possibility of winning big money is there, but if you don't win games you don't get a ha'penny.

"I know for a fact one of my sponsors will tell me I need to stop hanging fences, digging this, drilling that because I need to look after my hand - and I'm not young anymore either.

Day job as a handyman

Away from the oche, 'The Boss' works as a handyman and he says it might be an area he has to look at cutting back.

"My day job might need to be looked at.

"I've got work coming up in February and I've got regular customers that need this and that done.

"It's something I'll need to sit down and think about because I've got to be careful. There's no point getting sponsored for lots of money and breaking your finger or putting a nail through your hand."

Criticism over PDC switch

Due to his loyalty to the BDO/WDF previously, Montgomery courted some abuse and ridicule for switching to the PDC and he responded to that also.

"I know people have said some things about me going to the PDC, but I don't really read a lot of social media because there are a lot of armchair professionals out there who just want to troll you," he said.

"It is surprising I suppose because of my loyalty to the other field for so many years but I knew within myself the game was there.

"Everything just worked for me at Q-School. There's been hundreds of nice messages congratulating me and there's been some saying it must have been a bad day for me to win.

"But, at the end of the day, I don't bother with any of that. I just get on with it and I'm looking forward to what's ahead."

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