Münch completes 2021 PDC Europe Super League line-up

Kevin Münch has been revealed as the final participant in the line-up for the PDC Europe Super League as announced today (30 March).

A total of 24 German Darts players participate in what is essentially a qualifying tournament for the World Championship.

'The Dragon' is best known for his participation in the 2018 PDC World Darts Championship where he dumped out two-time World Champion, Adrian Lewis.

He hasn't played in the showpiece event since then but will aim to return when it begins on 17 to 22 April.

They will compete in a preliminary round in four groups of six players each. They will face off twice in their respective group. For each match won, the player receives one point.

The top four players of each group will qualify for the next round with the 16 players left claiming a spot in next years' Super League.

They will then aim to reach the final round which comprises two groups of four players and from there, it is knockout format until a winner is crowned.

The number of participants will be increased by eight this year to 24 players with four boards having play including one streaming board.

If the winner of the 2021 Super League qualifies through a different route, this will be given to another PDC qualifier and not the losing finalist. This could be the case for the likes of Schindler and Hopp in particular.

PDC Europe Super League line-up

Max Hopp

Martin Schindler

Steffen Siepmann

Robert Marijanovic

Florian Hempel

Nico Kurz

Rene Eidams

Manfred Bilderl

Dragutin Horvat

Karsten Koch

Sascha Stein

Jens Kniest

Daniel Klose

Thomas Köhnlein

Kai Gotthardt

Christian Bunse

Lukas Wenig

Franz Rötzsch

Niko Springer

Stefan Nilles

Marco Obst

Michael Hurtz

Marcel Gerdon

Kevin Münch

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