PDC Chief Executive Porter confirms new Premier League Darts format to continue with ‘slight alteration’: “It’s always evolved in the near 20 years of its existence”

Despite some criticism from certain quarters regarding the new format of the Premier League Darts, it was labelled by many as a success and PDC Chief Executive Matthew Porter has confirmed that it will remain at least for a few years.

Albeit with a few alterations that will keep it fresh with this mainly centring around how the fixtures are drawn with the criticism levied at the tournament format being that it became stale.

“There will be a slight alteration for the way the fixtures are drawn to give a bit more parity in how many times the players play each other in the first round,” Porter told Daily Star Sport.

“But if you look at the format of the Premier League, it’s always evolved in the near 20 years of its existence. [There’s been] seven players, eight players, 10 players, elimination, challenges, there’s always been alterations every two or three years and this will be no different.

“We have to keep the product fresh. Doing the same thing year in, year out isn’t going to work. This format has got more years left in it but it won’t be around forever because no format is around forever in the Premier League.”

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