CDC CEO Peter Citera sets Q-School aim after continued growth of North American Darts: "It would not surprise me to see 3-5 win through"

With the growth of North American darts, Peter Citera has been a huge part of that as the CEO of the CDC and this of course was in full evidence during the US Darts Masters earlier this year in a culmination of years of hard work.

"It was such a whirlwind so I didn't really get a chance other than to be there and see everything to appreciate it. I took a step back afterwards, we talked about it and we analysed it. It was a fantastic event from top to bottom, if you weren't there you missed out on history," said Citera to Online Darts.

"People are going to come this year I think we'll sell it out all sessions, I hope we do. Just absolutely over the moon about the way that turned out."

Moving it from Las Vegas was a hot topic but for Citera, he said it was time for change and that those playing darts in North America have been there and done it in the city.

"A lot of people who play darts in America spend a lot of time in Las Vegas, darts fans in the US tend to be darts players. Coming out for another event is sort of been there done it, moving to the most famous arena in the world it certainly drew. It was the right move."

World Championship and Q-School

Going into the latter half of the year, there will be three players at the World Championship with David Cameron, Leonard Gates and Danny Baggish making the trip and he spoke about the growth of the CDC year on year and it being in full evidence on the tour.

"David Cameron I think he will make a name for himself at this tournament and the other two and certainly everybody's talking about Leonard (Gates). The talent pool is deep and that's the exciting part about it," he added.

"You don't come into that room and have an easy draw so not only are the Americans not the quote on quote easy draw here anymore, even over there top to bottom anyone can come out and win some rounds.

This could be showcased at Q-School with Baggish and Jules van Dongen as well as Jeff Smith and Matt Campbell priorly being the blueprint and he has set an aim.

"Not only trying their arm. I'm looking for good numbers to come through, I think we will see 6-10 come over and it would not surprise me to see 3-5 win through."

But this will close off opportunities for the Tour Card holders next year with the CDC shutting off routes for players on the 128.

"They have opportunities to qualify for the big stages that others don't so we need to be able to get the next generation. If we have the top of the top keep coming back, we won't be able to develop the pipeline."

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