Portela plans to make good after misplaced joke: "I will be donating 50% of any winnings"

Diogo Portela hit the headlines earlier this week with a misplaced joke. Portela makes a habit of posting a joke on Twitter every day. On Sunday morning, he wrote the following: 'What makes sad people jump? Bridge.'

Immediately, negative reactions came in. As a result of the post, 'The Braziliant' lost all his sponsors.

However, the Brazilian darter has now also decided to transfer money to a charity dedicated to helping people with mental health problems. Portela has received an invitation to participate in the MODUS Super Series at the end of March. For this, players will receive a fixed fee and, in addition, players can earn extra prize money on the final day of the week of play. This can amount to as much as £5,000 for the weekly title.

Portela plans to donate 50 per cent of the proceeds from his participation to charity.

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