Schedule Tuesday Session PDC Home Tour II including Wattimena, Huybrechts, Dobey, Bunting and Clayton

The second iteration of the PDC Home Tour II is into the next phase with the likes of Chris Dobey, Kim Huybrechts and Stephen Bunting all involved on Tuesday morning.

Dobey came through Group Nine earlier in the tournament with a second place finish behind the imperious Nick Kenny who finished with maximum points.

While Huybrechts and Bunting were part of the same group finishing second and third behind Krzysztof Ratajski the following day.

Also involved includes Jonny Clayton, a finalist at the weekend at the German Darts Championship as well as Alan Tabern and Daniel Larsson.

The broadcast starts daily at 09:30 am. All matches can be viewed via the streaming service PDC TV.

Click here for more information about the second edition of the PDC Home Tour including the format and tournament schedule .

PDC Home Tour II - Phase Two Group One

Tuesday September 29

Jermaine Wattimena v Daniel Larsson

Kim Huybrechts v Chris Dobey

Stephen Bunting v Jonny Clayton

Alan Tabern v Jermaine Wattimena

Daniel Larsson v Stephen Bunting

Jonny Clayton v Kim Huybrechts

Chris Dobey v Alan Tabern

Stephen Bunting v Jermaine Wattimena

Kim Huybrechts v Daniel Larsson

Chris Dobey v Jonny Clayton

Alan Tabern v Stephen Bunting

Jermaine Wattimena v Kim Huybrechts

Daniel Larsson v Chris Dobey

Jonny Clayton v Alan Tabern

Kim Huybrechts v Stephen Bunting

Chris Dobey v Jermaine Wattimena

Jonny Clayton v Daniel Larsson

Alan Tabern v Kim Huybrechts

Stephen Bunting v Chris Dobey

Jermaine Wattimena v Jonny Clayton

Daniel Larsson v Alan Tabern

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