Van Peer and Puha among quarter-finalists in singles tournament at WDF World Cup

Berry van Peer still has a chance to win the title in the singles tournament at the WDF World Cup. Wednesday the men's singles tournament started and was played until eight names remained.

Four Dutchmen started the tournament. Ryan de Vreede lost to Croatian Ivica Cavric (4-1) in the last 128. Jelle Klaasen went down at the last 64 against James Hurrell (4-1), while Wesley Plaisier stranded in the same round against Filip Ljubenko (4-3).

Van Peer did manage to reach the quarterfinals after victories over Marcus Haider (4-1), Reece Colley (4-2), Peter Machin (4-3) and Ricky Dunlop (4-0) in succession. Against Colley, 'Bionic' also threw an average of 101.76 per turn.

The Dutchman will play Bruce Robbins of the United States in the quarterfinals on Friday. Other familiar names who are in the last eight are Haupai Puha and Brandon Weening, who have made regular appearances at World Series tournaments on the PDC circuit in the past.

WDF World Cup 2023

Mens singles

Last 32

Carles Arola 4-0 Stefan Bellmont

Raymond Smith 4-1 Ivica Cavric

Denis Duh 4-3 Alex Bassetti

Haupai Puha 4-3 Danny Lauby

Berry van Peer 4-3 Peter Machin

Ricky Dunlop 4-3 Kostas Pantelidis

Bruce Robbins 4-3 Andreas Harrysson

Jamie Bain 4-0 Jake MacMillan

Craig Galliano 4-1 Raul Invernon

Brandon Weening 4-1 James Hurrell

Robbie Mills 4-3 Michael Meaney

Carlos Alted 4-2 Johan Engstrom

Filip Ljubenko 4-2 Jyri Ussa

Frank Bruns 4-1 Frantisek Mika

Markus Straub 4-1 Matteo Ognibeni

Davie Kirwan 4-0 Loukas Tripinioti

Last 16

Carles Arola 4-1 Raymond Smith

Haupai Puha 4-0 Denis Duh

Berry van Peer 4-0 Ricky Dunlop

Bruce Robbins 4-1 Jamie Bain

Brandon Weening 4-1 Craig Galliano

Robbie Mills 4-0 Carlos Alted

Frank Bruns 4-0 Filip Ljubenko

Markus Straub 4-1 Davie Kirwan


Carles Arola v Haupai Puha

Berry van Peer v Bruce Robbins

Brandon Weening v Robbie Mills

Frank Bruns v Markus Straub

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