Whitehead, Ritchie and Gray through to final group in MODUS League (Week 3)

Conan Whitehead, Greg Ritchie and Adrian Gray are through to the final group in Week Three of the MODUS Online Live League which takes place on Saturday.

Whitehead finished on eight wins and two defeat on 16 points ahead of Ritchie who was on seven wins and three defeats.

The top three qualify from this group so Gray joins them with six wins and four defeats ahead of Darren Beveridge, Paul Holloway and Dave Parletti who fail to qualify.

In the evening sessions, Paul Hogan, Lee Cocks, Fallon Sherrock, Jamie Clark and Michael Warburton will play each other twice. In this group there are two places available for Saturday. Niall Culleton already managed to qualify for the final group by winning the first group of this week.

Unlike the first edition of the MODUS League in 2020, the game will not be played online via a webcam connection, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel .

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Week Three)

Friday June 11 (AM)

Paul Holloway 3-4 Dave Parletti

Conan Whitehead 4-3 Adrian Gray

Greg Ritchie 4-0 Darren Beveridge

Adrian Gray 4-0 Paul Holloway

Dave Parletti 1-4 Darren Beveridge

Conan Whitehead 2-4 Greg Ritchie

Darren Beveridge 0-4 Adrian Gray

Paul Holloway 2-4 Conan Whitehead

Greg Ritchie 4-1 Dave Parletti

Paul Holloway 2-4 Darren Beveridge

Adrian Gray 4-1 Greg Ritchie

Conan Whitehead 4-1 Dave Parletti

Greg Ritchie 4-2 Paul Holloway

Darren Beveridge 3-4 Conan Whitehead

Dave Parletti 1-4 Adrian Gray

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