Adams rebuffs potential PDC Q-School tilt: "I really don't think that the body would actually handle it"

Martin Adams was rumoured on social media as ever at the start of the year to be attending PDC Q-School but he explained the reason in a recent interview.

Adams spoke to Online Darts during his stint at the MODUS Online Live League and said that it's due to age and the 'gruelling circuit'.

"The main reason is the gruelling circuit and tour that is on. If you get your Tour Card, that circuit seems to be very gruelling and at 64 years of age, I really don't think that the body would actually handle it," said Adams to Online Darts.

"I'm sorry to disappoint people but it's got to be a non-starter for me because if I did happen to get a Tour Card, I just don't think I could stand the pace."

He looked back on the lifestyle of playing constantly and said it isn't for him.

"You work it out, you were away from home like nine months in a year living out of suitcases, hotels. There was a time in Holland when we were out there all the time and you're just living out of suitcases. I was a lot younger then, my body wouldn't take it.

"I struggle with my calves, I've got arthritis in my shoulder. My osteopath has always told me that I will get arthritis in my neck and I think it's on the way. There's a few clicks in the left hand shoulder now as well, sometimes when I'm playing you get some real sharp pains in the elbow joints."

"The bones are creaking so it's time to look after the bones and do what you can, when you can."

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