Durrant sets aim to win PDC World Championship: "I would finish my career the day after that winning double goes in"

Glen Durrant will return to action at the Masters next weekend when he will take on Mervyn King in an important year for the Premier League champion who will defend the money won in his first year on the PDC Tour.

"I'm a big practicer. I think I probably practice everyday, maybe not the amount of time I used to but I made a conscious decision to have a couple of weeks off and that's not like me. I stuck to my plan, I received a new set of darts from Target which didn't work for me so I'm back playing with my normal set up and practicing hard again. I've been playing since Friday so two sessions a day," said Durrant to Tungsten Tales.

"It's a non-ranked tournament, it would have been nice to have been using a new set-up or something like that because I think it's a good opportunity for people to experiment. Obviously it went to 24 players, I was predicted to play Rob Cross but now it's one of my better friends on the tour in Mervyn King so I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to watching the progress of players in Q-School and hopefully we can get a Spring Series or some ProTours up and running soon."

Lack of BDO World's

Usually as well as The Masters and Q-School, there would be the BDO World Darts Championship and Durrant hopes to return to Lakeside someday.

"I want to go back to the Lakeside. I would love to watch a Richard Ashdown's WDF World Championship there, I'll be fully supportive of what they're doing, I'm involved with the MAD Darts so I still hope one day I can go and stay in room 178 at Lakeside because that was the room I had for three years so definitely sad there is no Worlds."

But as well as being World Champion in one venue three times, Durrant wants to become PDC World Champion with the Teesside ace reiterating a previous point that he would walk away if he won it.

"I've only got one thing in life left. I just want to be the World Champion now. I love the World Matchplay, I love all the events but to be a three time Lakeside champion, a Premier League champion and a PDC World Champion. I would finish my career the day after that winning double goes in."

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