Edgar discusses potential changes to Grand Slam format

Matthew Edgar during a series on Edgar TV has been going down looking at parts of darts he would change and in his latest video, it is the Grand Slam of Darts which receives this treatment.

Edgar put together a proposal about removing the eight amateur spots and giving those to players from different territories.

"I don't think much needs to change with the format. It starts off with the group phase love it, moves onto a knockout. I think just maybe a tweaking to the players is how it does. Until recently, the BDO have taken a pool of eight players. You've got your tour card qualifiers, you've got your BDO players and then you've got your major winners, I like the way they do that. I don't think the World rankings should have any bearing on this event," said Edgar.

"I don't feel like you've got eight places, let's move it it over to the WDF or we've got eight players, let's give four to MAD Darts and four to this. I don't think that's the way forward, I think the way forward now is to support PDC development territories."

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