"Even if they made it 12, I wouldn't be shocked ": Nicholson wouldn't be surprised at Premier League Darts format change

After an incredible end to a great World Darts Championships the Premier League format and selection is on everyone's mind including darts pundit Paul Nicholson. He has recently hinted that there could be a change in format yet again.

There was a drastic change for the 2022 Premier League where it saw eight selected players battle it out in a tournament format each night seeing huge contrast to the previous league format.

The change saw many different opinions from pundits, fans and players but ultimately the ticket sales were strong and the arena's full of fans seemed to show a positive reaction.

However in a recent article for 'Sporting Life' former professional Nicholson suggested that he wouldn't at all be shocked if there was a tweak in format.

"I wouldn't actually be surprised if there's a late change in format to make room for more than eight players because there did of course used to be 10 in the line-up. Even if they made it 12, I wouldn't be shocked,” Nicholson wrote.

Another rumour that has been circulating is splitting the players into two separate leagues and playing alternate weeks. This would then help make the decision of who plays a little easier as there is more positions to fill. However Nicholson showed a disinterest towards it due to the affect on fans.

"This would not only allow more players to be involved but also give them more rest in what's already a very hectic season for those involved in the tournament,”

“The big problem with this idea, however, is that ticket holders might not get to see their favourite players. Imagine you are a huge Michael van Gerwen fan living in Belfast and have a ticket but his division isn't in action that week."

"If you split the top guys up equally across both divisions then you won't see Michael van Gerwen v Gerwyn Price, for example, until the play-off night"

Nicholson concluded by writing, "I think you have to keep it to one division of the elite. If you go to two divisions then the format has to be much shorter and you have both of them on the same night. It's an elite event and I can't see the PDC or Sky Sports making radical changes like that - or even a team/franchise system like John Part once suggested."

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