Hempel delighted after Tour Card triumph on Day Three of European Q-School: "I did not expect to be able to win one of the four days"

Florian Hempel claimed an outright Tour Card on Day Three of 2021 PDC European Q-School defeating Luc Peters after an excellent day of darts.

Hempel, a former handball player, joins Geert de Vos and Geert Nentjes in coming through outright after a brilliant day which saw him average between 94-96 for the most part.

"I am so happy!" said Hempel. "I did not expect to be able to win one of the four days and get a direct Tour Card, but that makes it even better now.

"After my match against Lukas Wenig I started to think that there might be something special to come today. After that I always felt like I was in control of my matches and was that decisive bit better than my opponents."

Original interview (in German)

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