MDA boss recalls accidentally seeing Robert Thornton naked in funniest tour story: "I'd got the wrong end of the room"

In a chat also featuring Chris Dobey, Joe Cullen, Mark Webster and Nathan Aspinall, MDA Events manager Matt Ward recalled his funniest tour story which took place at the World Championship including Robert Thornton.

Players stay at a specific hotel while in London and while having one of his managed players Stuart Kellett in the tournament, he went up to his room. But he got the wrong side of the room. When he opened up the door, he soon got a fright as Robert Thornton was on the other end naked.

A priceless reaction from Thornton and one that sent the guests in the podcast into stitches after initially telling Ward to get on with telling the long-winded story.

"(Stuart) Kellett had bought one of them travel boards for the World Championship. He put it on the end of his door, I'd been to his room once. I remember it was right at the end on the fifth floor. I went up there, the key won't work but the porter's coming in. So I said to the porter can you let me in. I said I can't get in my room, I know it's my room as the board is there. He lets me in and there's Robert Thornton. I'd got the wrong end of the room, he shot up and went f***** hell," he said.

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