Noster edges past Veenstra to claim PDC European Challenge Tour Event Four

Steven Noster has claimed his maiden PDC title to finalise the second day of action at PDC European Challenge Tour.

Noster tops the current Order of Merit as a result ahead of fellow winners Matt Campbell, Rowby-John Rodriguez and Kevin Doets with Richard Veenstra, the losing finalist continuing his form this weekend.

He saw off Mike Rava (5-0), Erik Tautfest (5-2), Rowby-John Rodriguez (5-1), Johan Engstrom (5-2), Gary Mawson (5-4), Davy Proosten (5-4) and Veenstra finally (5-3).

Due to travel restrictions still in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Challenge Tour has been split this year into a separate circuit for both British and European players.

The winners of both tours will be eligible to participate in the upcoming World Darts Championship and will receive a PDC Tour Card for 2022 and 2023.

The highest-ranking players on the PDC Challenge Tour Order of Merit qualify for the reserve spots at the Players Championship tournaments.

PDC European Challenge Tour Event Four Selected Results

Last 16

Davy Proosten (87.3) 5-0 (70.5) Danny van Trijp

Niko Springer (92.9) 5-2 (88.6) Thomas Junghans

Gary Mawson (86.6) 5-2 (75.6) Ricardo Pietreczko

Steven Noster (85.3) 5-2 (82.1) Johan Engstrom

Richard Veenstra (87.5) 5-3 (86.2) Stefan Nilles

Kenny Neyens (74.2) 5-2 (75.4) Rusty-Jake Rodriguez

Pero Ljubic (82.0) 5-2 (82.1) Thibault Tricole

Rene Eidams (88.2) 5-3 (81.5) Dennie Olde Kalter


Davy Proosten (89.4) 5-0 (72.1) Niko Springer

Steven Noster (89.1) 5-4 (92.4) Gary Mawson

Richard Veenstra (84.8) 5-3 (80.6) Kenny Neyens

Rene Eidams (90.5) 5-1 (85.3) Pero Ljubic


Steven Noster (76.1) 5-4 (84.3) Davy Proosten

Richard Veenstra (85.3) 5-4 (86.3) Rene Eidams


Steven Noster (85.9) 5-3 (84.6) Richard Veenstra

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