Schedule Tuesday Session PDC Home Tour III including Michael and Ross Smith, Humphries and Beaton

The PDC Home Tour III action is set to continue later today with four successive days to finalise the penultimate week of the online tournament.

On Tuesday, it is the turn of Michael Smith, Steve Beaton and Luke Humphries in an impressive lineup.

Ryan Searle and Conan Whitehead join Smith in entering the PDC Home Tour III action on Tuesday.

While Ross Smith and Ryan Meikle finalise the lineup. All players involved over the 19 days of action will participate in three groups, these players will then be added to a league table with their combined results seeing the top seven move through to the Championship Group. All action as usual will be shown on PDCTV as well as select bookmakers.

PDC Home Tour III

Group 11 - Tuesday December 1

Ross Smith v Ryan Searle

Ryan Meikle v Conan Whitehead

Steve Beaton v Luke Humphries

Michael Smith v Ross Smith

Ryan Searle v Steve Beaton

Luke Humphries v Ryan Meikle

Conan Whitehead v Michael Smith

Steve Beaton v Ross Smith

Ryan Meikle v Ryan Searle

Conan Whitehead v Luke Humphries

Michael Smith v Steve Beaton

Ross Smith v Ryan Meikle

Ryan Searle v Conan Whitehead

Luke Humphries v Michael Smith

Ryan Meikle v Steve Beaton

Conan Whitehead v Ross Smith

Luke Humphries v Ryan Searle

Michael Smith v Ryan Meikle

Steve Beaton v Conan Whitehead

Ross Smith v Luke Humphries

Ryan Searle v Michael Smith

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