Taylor looks back on legendary 2010 Premier League Final win: "That's the best atmosphere I've ever played in"

This month sees the ten year anniversary of Phil Taylor and James Wade playing in one of the best matches in history in the 2010 Premier League Final which saw 'The Power' hit two nine-darters in the same game.

Wade came into this tie at some of his top form having won the title in 2009 and Taylor gained revenge in style, he ran through the final recently with commentator Dan Dawson and spoke about the toughness of the tournament itself.

"It was a tournament that was a lot more difficult to win. In the World Championship you can click that one week and you can be World Champion but to win the Premier League it's over three months so you've got to be consistent just to qualify. Every week to me in the Premier League was a finals night," said Taylor.

"I've actually never watched the game believe it or not, it's the first time I've watched it. When it's you, you don't watch it."

Taylor also spoke about Wade and lauded praise on the Machine and in particular his famous double hitting.

"James is a little bit special on his doubles. If I had to pick a player in my whole career who's the best finisher, I'd have to say James Wade ," he continued.

Then the time came round to discuss his two nine-darters in the same game and it's a moment Taylor revealed left a lasting legacy on fans who see him now.

"I had to because I was under pressure, I was nervous. The best way to get yourself out of pressure is doing that (a nine-dart finish)."

"That's the best atmosphere I've ever played in and James would probably say the same as well."

"When you meet people, they are the ones who tell you it's fantastic."

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