Titles for Engström and Tingström at WDF tournaments in Finland

Johan Engström and Viktor Tingström won the two WDF tournaments in Vantaa, Finland, last weekend.

The Finnish Open took place on Saturday. That tournament was won by Engström after he defeated Finnish darter Jonas Masalin (5-2) in the final. Masalin had beaten Moreno Blom 5-2 in the semifinals.

At the Finnish Masters on Sunday, Jelle Klaasen managed to make it to the final four, beating former World Championship contender Kim Viljanen, among others. In the semifinals, however, Klaasen was defeated 5-3 by Brian Lokken. The tournament was won by Tingström, who triumphed 5-0 against Dennis Nilsson in the semifinals before beating Brian Lokken 5-1.

WDF Finnish Open


Johan Engström 5-2 Viktor Tingström

Jyri Ussa 5-4 Patrick Ehlert

Jonas Masalin 5-0 Uki Takkinen

Moreno Blom 5-0 Björn Lejon


Johan Engström 5-4 Jyri Ussa

Jonas Masalin 5-2 Moreno Blom


Johan Engström 5-2 Jonas Masalin

WDF Finnish Masters


Jelle Klaasen 5-2 Kim Viljanen

Brian Lokken 5-3 Seppo Kirjavainen

Viktor Tingström 5-3 Asko Niskala

Dennis Nilsson 5-3 Paavo Myller


Brian Lokken 5-3 Jelle Klaasen

Viktor Tingström 5-0 Dennis Nilsson


Viktor Tingström 5-1 Brian Lokken

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