Van Duijvenbode pleased with attention for aubergines: "In the past, it was only used as an emoji for other purposes"

Dirk van Duijvenbode through his rise and moniker as the Aubergenius has helped raise the profile of Aubergines and the farm he works on.

He even recently auctioned a box for charity which helped raise a large sum for Make a Wish. Despite his new fame, he still works at the Aubergine farm, he has been working on for years.

"In the past, the aubergine was only used as an emoji for other purposes, but the vegetable has received a lot of attention in recent months. We even auctioned a box for Make-A-Wish and that has, partly thanks to a contribution from Michael van Gerwen raised 9,000 euros," said Van Duijvenbode to NOS.

He has become a well-known Dutchman in a short time, although he does not notice this due to the Coronavirus. "At the moment there are hardly any social activities. I am sometimes recognized at the baker or the butcher, but that is actually not so bad. I recently received fan mail in the post," concluded 'Aubergenius'.

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