Wright fired up for Masters after comments by Van Gerwen: "Playing MVG is spurring me on this year"

Peter Wright has dropped from second to third place in the PDC Order of Merit after losing to Gabriel Clemens at the World Championship however for Wright, it's not an issue and he has his sights set on clashes with Michael van Gerwen.

"Obviously it's very hard. I wanted to perform a lot better but Gabriel hit the right shots at the right time. I suppose I didn't prepare properly deep down, I've got over it. I said Gezzy was the danger running up to months before and he proved me right," said Wright to the PDC.

Being third in the Order of Merit, he will now face Michael van Gerwen in the semi-finals of majors if they both get that far and like alluded to previously, it is spurring him on.

"My target for this year is obviously beat Michael in the semi's of all tournaments because he's number two now. I'm looking forward to it, I wasn't bothered about being number one in the world."

"The thing I'm looking forward to this year and what is spurring me on this year is playing Michael."

That potentially could happen this weekend at The Masters but for Wright, he joked that Van Gerwen won't win his first game. "He won't win his first game. I ain't got to worry about Michael, he won't get that far."

Speaking further to Ladbrokes, the former World Champion explained why he wants to play Van Gerwen: "I’ve got a bit fire in my belly for this year, I’m looking forward to this year. Especially after some of the comments MVG has made about me. I’m glad he’s number two, so now I get to play him in the semi-finals to knock him out before he gets to a final."

This came after Van Gerwen had made comments about Wright during the World Championship. 'Snakebite' had previously said he saw Van Gerwen as having no chance for the World Championship.

"Every interview he does, he talks nonsense. He says it after every loss, he says it after every win and he can't talk sensible. Of course he's a phenomenal player and he probably doesn't need that because on his own ability I think he can do a lot of damage. But if you talk so much crap, things like that will happen to you."

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