Semi-finals confirmed at WDF England Open

The semi-final line-up has been confirmed ahead of the final day of action in Selsey with the conclusion of the WDF England Open and England National Singles.

In the Men's, the semi-finals include Nick Fullwell who will take on Brian Raman, while Ian Jones will face Mark Blandford in the WDF Gold tournament.

While in the Ladies, two players will be in both semi-finals as Fallon Sherrock will take on Deta Hedman and Anastasia Dobromyslova faces Jo Clemens.

Results WDF England Open


Last 16

Jordan Brooks 4-2 Scott Marsh

Nick Fullwell 4-1 Robert Collins

Brian Raman 4-3 Lewis Gurney

Graham Hall 4-3 Reece Colley

James Hurrell 4-1 Caven Phillips

Ian Jones 4-3 Dave Parletti

Lee Shewan 4-3 Harry Jackson

Mark Blandford 4-2 James Betts


Nick Fullwell 4-2 Jordan Brooks

Brian Raman 4-1 Graham Hall

Ian Jones 4-3 James Hurrell

Mark Blandford 4-2 Lee Shewan


Nick Fullwell v Brian Raman

Ian Jones v Mark Blandford


Last 16

Deta Hedman 4-0 Vicky Pruim

Natalie Gilbert 4-3 Wendy Reinstadtler

Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Leane Topper

Suzanne Smith 4-2 Maria O'Brien

Lorraine Hyde 4-1 Anca Zijlstra

Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-0 Julie Thompson

Jo Clemens 4-0 Phonsawan Whillis

Trina Gulliver 4-2 Sarah Roberts


Deta Hedman 4-2 Natalie Gilbert

Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Suzanne Smith

Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-3 Lorraine Hyde

Jo Clemens 4-0 Trina Gulliver


Deta Hedman v Fallon Sherrock

Anastasia Dobromyslova v Jo Clemens

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