These 48 men have qualified for Lakeside 2023 including top seeds Andy Baetens, Neil Duff and Jelle Klaasen

From December 2 to 10, 48 men will compete for the WDF world title at Lakeside. Among the participants in the legendary Frimley Green are one Belgian and eight Dutch players. The draw for this tournament will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Leading the seeding list is Andy Baetens. The Belgian reigned supreme this year with seven WDF titles, including a win at the prestigious Australian Darts Open. Baetens has competed in the WDF World Championship twice before and managed to reach the quarter-finals each time. Neil Duff, the winner of the last edition at Lakeside, is the second seed this year.

Jelle Klaasen is the highest-ranked Dutchman at Lakeside. It will be a return for 'The Cobra' to the place where he became world champion in 2006 at the expense of Raymond van Barneveld. Also among the top-16 seeded players are players well known to many such as Danny Lauby Jr, James Hurrell and Wesley Plaisier. Like Klaasen, they will enter the tournament from the second round.

In the first round of Lakeside, players who finished between spot 17 and 32 on the qualification list will be paired with someone between spot 33 and 48. Notable players such as Liam Maendl-Lawrance, Leonard Gates, James Richardson, Jamie Lewis and Sebastian Bialecki will start the WDF World Championship from the first round.

Lakeside 2023 participant field (men's tournament)

Top-16 placed players)

1. Andy Baetens

2. Neil Duff

3. Jelle Klaasen

4. James Hurrell

5. Wesley Plaisier

6. Danny Lauby

7. Chris Landman

8. Barry Copeland

9. Mark Barilli

10. Kai-Fan Leung

11. John Scott

12. Peter Machin

13. Alexander Merkx

14. Darren Johnson

15. Martyn Turner

16. Gary Stone

Numbers 17-32

17. Liam Maendl-Lawrance

18. Danny Porter

19. Laszlo Kadar

20. Patrik Kovacs

21. Jonny Tata

22. Leonard Gates

23. Moreno Blom

24. Antony Allen

25. Benjamin Pratnemer

26. James Richardson

27. Thomas Junghans

28. Jamie Lewis

29. Jordan Brooks

30. Aaron Turner

31. Dave Prins

32. Scott Marsh

Numbers 33-48

33. Dennie Olde Kalter

34. Edwin Torbjörnsson

35. Mike Gillet

36. Dennis Nilsson

37. Brian Corbett

38. Jim Widmayer

39. Shaun McDonald

40. Davie Kirwan

41. Gábor Takács

42. David Pallett

43. Ricky Nauman

44. Reece Colley

45. Sebastian Białecki

46. Arjan Konterman

47. Jarno Bottenberg

48. Christian Goedl

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