Anderson on getting more match practice: "It's going to do me a world of good"

Gary Anderson has been getting more match practice than ever which has led to him winning a ProTour and he claimed a draw last night against Peter Wright at the Premier League in Nottingham.

Anderson spoke afterwards and admitted that he is glad to get the point and that it's all about transferring his game from the practice board to the main stage.

He also spoke about the potential of dropping down the rankings and playing more darts than before and the effects of that.

"I'm glad to get there in the end and get a point. On the practice board it's going good and if I can take it from there to there (the stage), I'll be good," said Anderson to LiveDarts.

"I'm just playing more. Honestly I said last week it's going to do me a world of good. The youngsters are on the board constantly, I've done it half my life. It's nice to be back home and spend time with the kids and Rachel (his partner)."

"At the end of the day, looking at what I've got to defend this season I'm going to drop well down the table. Does it bother me? No."

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