Boulton and Meulenkamp lead after four matches in 12th Group of PDC Home Tour

The 12th Group of PDC Home Tour III has concluded its opening four matches and so far Andy Boulton and Ron Meulenkamp lead the way in the latest action in the online tournament.

Both have unbeaten starts so far in the latest Home Tour with Boulton leading by leg difference by three ahead of Meulenkamp with both on eight points.

The former to lead the way so far has defeated Andy Hamilton 4-0, Richard North 4-2, Barrie Bates 4-0 and Peter Jacques 4-0. They play next in a crunch tie.

All players involved over the 19 days of action will participate in three groups, these players will then be added to a league table with their combined results seeing the top seven move through to the Championship Group.

PDC Home Tour III - Group 12

Wednesday December 2

Barrie Bates (90.91) 4-1 (86.00) Richard North

Ron Meulenkamp (92.49) 4-0 (85.86) David Pallett

Andy Boulton (93.94) 4-0 (83.76) Andy Hamilton

Peter Jacques (84.72) 4-1 (74.55) Barrie Bates

Richard North (86.68) 2-4 (89.31) Andy Boulton

Andy Hamilton (90.65) 3-4 (95.13) Ron Meulenkamp

David Pallett (82.49) 3-4 (87.73) Peter Jacques

Andy Boulton (101.90) 4-0 (71.89) Barrie Bates

Ron Meulenkamp (79.70) 4-2 (81.14) Richard North

David Pallett (85.34) 2-4 (94.89) Andy Hamilton

Peter Jacques (89.58) 0-4 (101.90) Andy Boulton

Barrie Bates (61.95) 0-4 (93.94) Ron Meulenkamp

Richard North (81.80) 4-3 (82.19) David Pallett

Andy Hamilton (79.72) 2-4 (82.92) Peter Jacques

Ron Meulenkamp v Andy Boulton

David Pallett v Barrie Bates

Andy Hamilton v Richard North

Peter Jacques v Ron Meulenkamp

Andy Boulton v David Pallett

Barrie Bates v Andy Hamilton

Richard North v Peter Jacques


#NamePlayedWinsLossesLeg +/-Points
1Andy Boulton440148
2Ron Meulenkamp440118
3Peter Jacques43126
4Andy Hamilton413-52
5Richard North413-62
Barrie Bates413-82
7David Pallett404-80

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