Kleermaker edges through PDC Home Tour Group Nine on leg difference

Martijn Kleermaker is through to the second round of the PDC Home Tour after coming through Group Nine in one of the toughest groups yet.

Kleermaker claimed two wins and a defeat and only went through on leg difference but this was only due to Michael Smith doing the Dutchman a favour.

Smith was facing off against Matt Clark who was in potential pole position to win the group but at 3-3, he missed darts to go towards the finishing line and the St Helens ace took advantage and saw off 'Superman' in a 5-3 win.

This meant that Kleermaker as the table states below ended up on +3 leg difference with four points which meant he finished ahead of Smith and Clark who were both on +2 and 4 points after the former World Championship finalist denied Clark.

Harry Ward finished last in the group with three defeats from his three games. It is Kleermaker though who will join Jonny Clayton, Jamie Lewis, Nick Kenny; as well as Luke Woodhouse, Geert Nentjes, Dave Chisnall, Ryan Searle and Jelle Klaasen in the next round.

PDC Home Tour
Group Nine Fixtures
Saturday April 25

Michael Smith (98.38) 3-5 (97.71) Martijn Kleermaker
Michael Smith (98.03) 5-3 (82.94) Harry Ward
Harry Ward (84.93) 3-5 (83.46) Matt Clark
Martijn Kleermaker (81.13) 3-5 (83.65) Matt Clark
Harry Ward (87.45) 2-5 (95.11) Martijn Kleermaker
Matt Clark (87.66) 3-5 (96.15) Michael Smith


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