Michael van Gerwen left furious with tournament director absent in Dortmund: "This looks like a rejected pub qualifier"

Michael van Gerwen was furious after his defeat against Gian van Veen in the quarter-finals of the European Darts Championship. Of course, there was disappointment because of the loss against his compatriot, but 'Mighty Mike' focused on the organization of the European Darts Championship in Dortmund afterward.

''This looks like a rejected pub qualifier,'' Van Gerwen spoke to De Telegraaf. He deliberately over-exaggerated, but that did not take away from the fact that the three-time world champion was unhappy with the proceedings in the Westfalenhallen.

Van Gerwen was advised by the PDC not to do an interview afterwards, but that advice was ignored. 'Mighty Mike' decided to pour his heart out to the Dutch press anyway. ''I can't say anything, otherwise I'll get a fine, but that doesn't interest me right now.''

''I'm just being honest and not doing anything wrong. If no one says anything, it doesn't get better either. I am also so angry with myself, because otherwise I won't get better from this kind of situation either. Because íI have dealt with this situation here wrongly and must know how to bring out the best of myself in every situation. But the fact that other factors play a role is allowed to be denounced.''

But what was the cause of Van Gerwen's anger? ''I raised something before the match and during the match and wanted to speak to the tournament director,'' said the four-time European Darts Championship winner.

Van Gerwen then came up with an example. ''Everyone always knows how long you have before you have to go on stage, whether it's two or maybe five minutes. I asked how long I had left, because I had to go to the bathroom. No one could tell me. It could be two or it could be four minutes, I was told.''

Then the tournament director turned out to be absent. They were going to ask where the tournament director was. I was told during the first break that he was at a meeting in London. Whether I should be irritated by that is the next question everyone should ask me. Yes, because I am a professional, a perfectionist. I am here to prepare for an important competition and I want to be there. This kind of thing is not done, the PDC is actually too big for that. I ask for something several times, but there is nobody with authority, nobody knows anything and nobody does anything. And then when you get angry, they stand and gawk at you like a sheep. In any other sport in the world, you also have a supervisor. Here, for example, my manager is not allowed behind the stage. Then you ask for these kinds of problems,'' Van Gerwen said.

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