PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter on future plans after Women's Series: "We didn't just want to do one and then forget the concept"

The PDC Women's Series took place this past weekend with Lisa Ashton and Deta Hedman claiming their spots at the PDC World Championship at the end of the year.

PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter has revealed that the plan is to continue with the concept and the future plan is to have more than a few players competing for the titles like what was seen with Ashton, Hedman and Sherrock in particular claiming titles.

"We didn't just want to do one and then forget the concept. Obviously if there had only been a small number of players, it might not have had as much future as it perhaps does now so we were really pleased with the entry levels and the feedback from the ground was very positive," said Porter to the Darts Show Podcast.

"I think from our point of view it's important that we encourage more women to play more competitive darts on a more regular basis. We can easily put more tournaments on to parachute women into events like the World Championship and the Grand Slam.

"That's great but ultimately I don't think that is going to be the way we are going to stimulate additional numbers of players and improve the overall depth of quality because clearly as we saw from the weekend, there was a small number of players who dominated the event.

"They are playing at a standard which means that they're qualifying for the World Championship and the Grand Slam, but I don't want three players getting to every final, I want 33 players battling it out for the right to get to the final.

"The only way we're going to do that as we've shown with the Challenge and Development Tours is to give more people more competitive action on a more regular basis, they're going to get better as players because they'll take it more seriously."

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