Top 16 highest averages at the International Darts Open (2015-2019)

The International Darts Open is set to take place this weekend in Riesa with five years of action so far in one of the most well known European Tour events.

As a result, ahead of this weekend, we take a look back at the top 16 highest averages from the International Darts Open over the years.

Joe Cullen holds the highest average with 113.77 in his match against Richie Corner during the second round of the 2017 event.

Besides Cullen, only Steve West has managed to throw over a 110 average during this tournament. He did that in 2018 also in the second round against Mervyn King. In that same round, Ian White hit a 108.17 average against Jelle Klaasen.

Peter Wright is next up with 107.19 with his third round win in 2016 going even further back. Rounding out the top five, Gerwyn Price has the latest highest average with 106.20 average in 2019.

Top 16 highest averages - International Darts Open 2019

113.77 Joe Cullen (Second Round, 2017)
111.29 Steve West (Second Round, 2018)
108.17 Ian White (Second Round, 2018)
107.19 Peter Wright (Third Round, 2016)
106.20 Gerwyn Price (Second Round, 2019)
105.89 Ron Meulenkamp (Semi-Finals, 2017)
105.12 Ian White (Third Round, 2015)
105.06 Alan Norris (Second Round, 2017)
104.97 Dave Chisnall (Third Round, 2015)
104.59 Dave Chisnall (Third Round, 2016)
104.55 Kim Huybrechts (Second Round, 2016)
104.11 Stephen Bunting (Third Round, 2015)
103.66 Peter Wright (Second Round, 2015)
103.66 Davy van Baelen (First Round, 2019)
103.65 Peter Wright (Semi-Finals, 2017)
103.30 Simon Whitlock (Third Round, 2016)

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