Schedule for Thursday afternoon session in MODUS Online Live League (Week 2) including Sherrock, Fitton and Portela

The action continues in the MODUS Online Live League with a new group with the likes of Fallon Sherrock, Darryl Fitton and Diogo Portela, Jamie Caven, Barrie Bates and Adrian Gray involved.

The players of this group play games against each other on Thursday and Friday afternoon. The top two of this group then go to the final on Saturday.

In the evening sessions Colin Monk, Paul Hogan, Chas Barstow, Richie Burnett and Joe Davis play against each other. Also in this group there are two places available for Saturday. Robert Thornton already managed to qualify for the final by winning the first group of this week.

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Week 2)

Thursday March 25 (from 9:30 am)

Adrian Gray v Diogo Portela

Fallon Sherrock v Barrie Bates

Darryl Fitton v Jamie Caven

Diogo Portela v Fallon Sherrock

Jamie Caven v Adrian Gray

Barrie Bates v Darryl Fitton

Diogo Portela v Jamie Caven

Fallon Sherrock v Darryl Fitton

Adrian Gray v Barrie Bates

Jamie Caven v Fallon Sherrock

Barrie Bates v Diogo Portela

Darryl Fitton v Adrian Gray

Barrie Bates v Jamie Caven

Adrian Gray v Fallon Sherrock

Diogo Portela v Darryl Fitton

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