Sherrock dominates highest averages list at PDC Women's Series

The top averages have been released after the PDC Women's Series took place this past weekend with Fallon Sherrock dominating the standings.

Sherrock hit seven out of the top ten averages showing her form despite not booking her place at the World Championship.

Her highest mark was 95.43 which she hit twice to finish ahead of Lisa Ashton who was next up with 94.70.

Deta Hedman who qualified alongside Ashton hit two of the highest averages with 92.49 hit twice. While Corrine Hammond also hit 92.49 to put herself on the list which showed the dominance of the four ladies who finished in the top averages.

Top Averages - PDC Women's Series

95.43 Sherrock
95.43 Sherrock
94.70 Ashton
94.37 Sherrock
93.73 Sherrock
93.94 Sherrock
92.49 Ashton
92.49 Hedman
92.49 Sherrock
92.49 Hedman
92.49 Hammond
91.24 Sherrock
91.15 Ashton
90.05 Ashton

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