Stephen Bunting was paid big money to change walk-on song to 'Bird Is The Word'

Stephen Bunting has revealed in an interview that he was not at all happy with the walk on song "Bird Is The Word" he used at major tournaments in the past.

If you've seen the television show "Family Guy," you probably know the hilarious skit of Peter Griffin singing "Bird Is The Word. It is an iconic part of the show. What was even more surprising, however, was that Bunting chose it as his walk on song.

Almost a decade ago, a video circulated on YouTube showing Bunting dancing to this song, after some people compared his appearance to Peter Griffin. However, he now admits that this is something that has influenced his playing for years.

Speaking with Wayne Mardle for his new YouTube show Club 501, Bunting said his walk on song affected his game, but that he had chosen to use it for a special reason.

“The Bird Is The Word, I got paid a lot of money to change my walk on to that. It was all well and good at the time but I was more nervous in thinking more about the walk on than I was about playing. So, It sort of affected my game'', he said.

After Bunting's revelation, Mardle asked his compatriot if he would also share with viewers the amount received. Bunting was not eager to divulge this amount, but did reveal that it was 'multiple thousands (pounds)'.

Mardle then revealed that he did understand Bunting's choice to be paid to use a specific number. ''You have to diversify your income as a darts player,'' the Sky Sports darts analyst stated. However, Bunting thought differently in hindsight, believing it had done more damage to his game.

These days, Bunting uses DJ David Guetta's song "Titanium" as his walk on song, and this choice has contributed greatly to the ever-growing popularity of Bunting, who won his first-ever PDC major at the Masters earlier this season.

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