Suzuki set to compete at 2020 PDC Q-School

Mikuru Suzuki will be part of the line-up of players who will be attempting to win a Tour Card at 2020 PDC Q-School, it has been revealed.

Suzuki will join her compatriot, Seigo Asada; as well as fellow trailblazer Fallon Sherrock who a few nights after her initial near shock win completed the feat in attempting to join the PDC Tour.

Her management, Nevada Sports announced the news last week and said they were 'proud to be part of the exciting new era for the sport'.

The PDC Q-School rules dictate that players from other nations not on the list may choose which one they play at so she can either play in Wigan or Hildesheim; but with 'The Miracle' set to defend her BDO World Championship beforehand, her likely destination will be the former.

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