Van Duijvenbode reflects on PDC Summer Series: "The experience was surreal"

Last week, the PDC Tour restarted with the PDC Summer Series. This saw players stay within the bubble at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes and Dirk van Duijvenbode was one of those players.

Van Duijvenbode gave his experience of being involved in the bubble and what happened pre tournament before the action began.

“It almost indirectly felt like a prison. Of course I was happy that we were allowed to play darts again, but the experience was surreal. You only slept in your hotel room and were not allowed to leave until your test results were received. For me that took about 20 hours. I brought my Playstation and played some WarZone with Jeffrey de Zwaan . It took a long time, ”said Van Duijvenbode in conversation with .

On Wednesday, just hours before the start of the first tournament, the players received the results of their Coronavirus test. “A number of them already knew around 08:00 in the morning, but most darters did not get the results until around 12:00, just like me. When I got out of my hotel room I also saw Vincent van der Voort , Michael van Gerwen and other Dutch players coming out of their room in the hallway. They had heard it all at the same time. ”

There were also special rules during the tournament. “There were different zones where you could or could not come. Also, as darters, we had to record the scores of other matches ourselves because the officials were all not allowed to come. That was a little less, but it is part of it. ”

Van Duijvenbode himself is not afraid of the virus. “I have no fear of the disease in itself. I am rather afraid that I will get it once and that I will not be allowed to play in tournaments. ”

Van Duijvenbode reflects on PDC Summer Series: "The experience was surreal"
Photo: Sven Neuschaefer/PDC Europe

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