Van Gerwen on his off stage persona: 'I'm actually quite an emotional person'  

On stage and in interviews, Michael van Gerwen usually comes across as very confident. Off the stage though however, he turns out to be a completely different person.

"People wouldn't say it when they see me playing darts on stage, but I am quite an emotional person. Especially when it comes to family, I am an emotional guy. How I am privately and on stage is very different" , says Van Gerwen to RTL Nieuws.

But he can also sometimes show his sensitive side on stage. "I also lost many a tournament, which meant that I had to shed a tear. Or even on the podium, everyone has seen that, against Phil Taylor in the final. That was because I wanted to win so badly. At such a moment you see a different side of me. "

Van Gerwen is the proud father of two children. "If becoming a father is a dream of yours and you want to have children, then that is the next step in your life. You get a sense of responsibility and that is very important. It is also fun to experience."

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