West finishes top of PDC Home Tour III Group Ten

Steve West has finished top of PDC Home Tour III Group Ten with five wins out of six to finish on 10 points ahead of Joe Murnan.

West started off his day with victory over Marko Kantele 4-1. A defeat followed against Murnan 4-1 but from there, he saw off Steve Brown 4-0, Ron Meulenkamp 4-3, Kirk Shepherd 4-1 and Peter Jacques 4-1.

Like alluded to, West finished ahead of Murnan who finished on eight points. Meulenkamp was third with six points level with Jacques and Brown but ahead only just on leg difference.

All players involved over the 19 days of action will participate in three groups, these players will then be added to a league table with their combined results seeing the top seven move through to the Championship Group. All action as usual will be shown on PDCTV as well as select bookmakers.

Group Ten - Wednesday November 25

Steve Brown 4-3 Joe Murnan

Kirk Shepherd 3-4 Peter Jacques

Steve West 4-1 Marko Kantele

Ron Meulenkamp 4-3 Steve Brown

Joe Murnan 4-1 Steve West

Marko Kantele 2-4 Kirk Shepherd

Peter Jacques 4-3 Ron Meulenkamp

Steve West 4-0 Steve Brown

Kirk Shepherd 2-4 Joe Murnan

Peter Jacques 2-4 Marko Kantele

Ron Meulenkamp 3-4 Steve West

Steve Brown 4-3 Kirk Shepherd

Joe Murnan 0-4 Peter Jacques

Marko Kantele 3-4 Ron Meulenkamp

Kirk Shepherd 1-4 Steve West

Peter Jacques 1-4 Steve Brown

Marko Kantele 2-4 Joe Murnan

Ron Meulenkamp 4-0 Kirk Shepherd

Steve West 4-1 Peter Jacques

Steve Brown 1-4 Marko Kantele

Joe Murnan 4-1 Ron Meulenkamp

West finishes top of PDC Home Tour III Group Ten
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