"Why no World Series tournament in Asia or Africa?" - Belgian commentator critical of PDC's choice to add tournament in the Netherlands to 2024 calendar

The PDC recently announced the calendar for the 2024 World Series of Darts. Darts commentator Matthias De Vlieger, however, has his reservations about it.

For example, the World Series of Darts will move to Den Bosch at the end of January next year, for the Dutch Darts Masters. "I find that a particularly strange choice by the PDC," De Vlieger says in the podcast Double Top. "The World Series of Darts was created to promote the sport in other countries and continents, to make the sport bigger there. That is absolutely not necessary in the Netherlands."

"You want to make the sport more global, so why not move toward Asia, where darts is hugely popular in countries like Japan and the Philippines, for example," De Vlieger continued. "Or why not go to Brazil or South Africa? I really think this is a missed opportunity."

Kim Huybrechts, himself still active on the Pro Tour, agrees. "I don't really understand why the World Series of Darts is still coming to the Netherlands, the sport is already very popular there. Personally, I would like it if there would be a tournament in Canada, for example."

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