Beau Greaves continues dominance with England Open glory, Neil Duff seals first WDF ranking title in 19 months

Beau Greaves continues her impressive form winning the England Open in Devon over the past weekend. Defeating Rhian O’Sullivan in the final, she continues to be the stand-out player in the WDF as she heads towards the final Women’s Series and Women’s World Matchplay in the PDC.

Whilst Neil Duff took the men's title by defeating the likes of Daniel Perry (4-1), Kieron Bridgwater (4-3), Mark Graham (5-1) and Callum Francis (6-3). For the 2022 WDF World champion, it was his first WDF title in 2024 and his sixth in total. It breaks a drought of 19 months in the process with both Duff and Greaves winning the World title in the same year.

Greaves lost just one leg in the entire tournament. After wins over Tania Burdett (4-0) and Dee Bateman (4-0), Natalie Gilbert managed to snatch one leg from Greaves (4-1) in the quarter-finals. The 20-year-old then left no stone unturned against Rebecca Brouse (5-0) and Rhian O'Sullivan (6-0).

Results WDF England Open


Last 16

Neil Duff 4-1 Daniel Perry

KIeron Bridgwater 4-0 James Beeton

Mark Graham 4-3 David Ladley

Richard Oliver 4-3 Cliff Prior

David Wawrzewski 4-2 Moreno Blom

Matt Knowles 4-2 Aaron Ayres

Callum Francis 4-0 Lewis Bell

Matthew Edgar 4-1 Mike Gillet


Neil Duff 4-3 Kieron Bridgwater

Mark Graham 4-3 Richard Oliver

Matt Knowles 4-2 David Wawrzewski

Callum Francis 4-3 Matthew Edgar


Neil Duff 5-1 Mark Graham

Callum Francis 5-1 Matt Knowles


Neil Duff 6-3 Callum Francis


Last 16

Beau Greaves 4-0 Dee Bateman

Natalie Gilbert 4-0 Suzanne Smith

Rebecca Brouse 4-3 Aletta Wajer

Eleanor Cairns 4-3 Steph Clarke

Rhian O'Sullivan 4-0 Kelly Streef

Sophie McKinlay 4-1 Anca Zijlstra

Deta Hedman 4-1 Eve Watson

Vicky Pruim 4-3 Kirsty Hutchinson


Beau Greaves 4-1 Natalie Gilbert

Rebecca Brouse 4-3 Eleanor Cairns

Rhian O'Sullivan 4-0 Sophie McKinlay

Deta Hedman 4-0 Vicky Pruim


Beau Greaves 5-0 Rebecca Brouse

Rhian O'Sullivan 5-1 Deta Hedman


Beau Greaves 6-0 Rhian O'Sullivan

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