Richardson, Williams and Tricole through to WDF Welsh Classic Quarter-Finals, Greaves and Hutchinson into Ladies final

The WDF Welsh Classic has now reached the quarterfinals in the men's tournament with names such as James Richardson and Jim Williams through.

Richardson joined the last eight after victories over, among others, Clive Langford (4-1) and Davie Kirwan. Williams defeated Marc Lynam (4-2) and Darren Johnson (4-0) among others for a place in the quarterfinals. Nick Fullwell and Thibault Tricole are also still in the tournament. Wayne Warren, winner of the last BDO World Cup in 2020, lost 4-3 to Kyle Richardson in the Last 16.

The ladies tournament has already progressed to the final. This one is between Kirsty Hutchinson and Beau Greaves. Well-known players such as Deta Hedman, Fallon Sherrock and Anastasia Dobromyslova are absent from this tournament because the PDC Women's Series also takes place this weekend.


Last 32

Davie Kirwan 4-1 Kevin Garcia

James Richardson 4-1 Clive Langford

Lee Shewan 4-1 Jordan Brooks

Michael Warburton 4-3 Stu Wilson

Ross Montgomery 4-3 Evander Stevenson

Ian Mackenzie 4-1 Ian Jones

Jim Williams 4-2 Marc Lynam

Darren Johnson 4-1 Steve Hine

Wayne Warren 4-3 Cameron Menzies

Kyle Richardson 4-3 Roemer Mooijman

Nick Fullwell 4-1 Michael Huntley

Gareth Pass 4-0 Dave Parletti

Thibault Tricole 4-2 James Hurrell

Scott Marsh 4-2 Scott Taylor

Neil Duff 4-1 Deian Roberts

Richard Eirig Rowlands 4-2 Robbie Gorst

Last 16

James Richardson 4-0 Davie Kirwan

Lee Shewan 4-3 Michael Warburton

Ian Mackenzie 4-2 Ross Montgomery

Jim Williams 4-0 Darren Johnson

Kyle Richardson 4-3 Wayne Warren

Nick Fullwell 4-3 Gareth Pass

Thibault Tricole 4-3 Scott Marsh

Richard Eirig Rowlands 4-3 Neil Duff

Quarter final

James Richardson v Lee Shewan

Ian Mackenzie v Jim Williams

Kyle Richardson v Nick Fullwell

Thibault Tricole v Richard Eirig Rowlands


Quarter final

Kaye Hales 4-2 Kirsty Gibbs

Kirsty Hutchinson 4-1 Phonsawan Whillis

Beau Greaves 4-0 Vicky Plum

Natalie Gilbert 4-3 Nicola Biddick

Semi finals

Kirsty Hutchinson 4-2 Kaye Hales

Beau Greaves 4-2 Natalie Gilbert


Kirsty Hutchinson v Beau Greaves

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