Winstanley on sections of criticism regarding quality of second Remote Darts League: "We can't make everybody happy who's watching"

Dean Winstanley was a major part of the success of the recent Remote Darts League helping to run both the first and second phases with the former being involved also in a playing side.

Winstanley spoke about the transition from going from the initial 10 to 16 players and why it took a while for it to happen after the successful first phase.

"Going from 10 players to 16, it was going to be a big challenge. That's why I took a littlep bit longer than it should have to make sure we could get all the technical data around the world to the betting companies,” said Winstanley on the Inside the WDF podcast.

"I've no complaints with it, there were a lot of people whinging saying women shouldn't be in but I'm happy with it because we didn't set out to compete with anybody, we just give people the chance to play darts and we paid them for it as well."

After small sections of criticism about the quality of certain players, Winstanley responded to this:

"At the end of the day, every darts player is different and how we see it is, the PDC they have their own darts, MODUS have their own darts players and we got players from all over the world.

So it were quite new to most of the players there apart from the top four from RDL 1 so they all had their own little demons to get used to with playing at home so I didn't give two monkeys what people thought; at the end of the day the players enjoyed it and we as organisers enjoyed it so did the people behind the scenes.

We can't make everybody happy who's watching and if they don't want to watch it, don't watch it."

Winstanley on sections of criticism regarding quality of second Remote Darts League:

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