Fantasy Formula 1 ( At least 6,000 GBP in prizes) |

Fantasy Formula 1 ( At least 6,000 GBP in prizes)

Without major regulation changes for 2021, it promises to be a very exciting Formula 1 season. Lewis Hamilton is of course the big favorite with Mercedes, but Red Bull can become a serious threat with Max Verstappen. Enough ingredients for any Formula One fan to get excited.

And that becomes even more exciting with your own Fantasy team. Zweeler will run the Fantasy Formula 1 2021 with £6,000 in prizes and a top prize of £858! Pick six drivers and three teams within the budget and sit back and watch the action unfold. At Zweeler there are no changes or predictions per Grand Prix throughout the season.

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The Fantasy Formula 1 2021 starts on Sunday 28 March 2021 at 17:00 hours CET with the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

You have a budget of 145 million euro to buy 6 drivers and 3 F1 teams of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Formula 1 2021. You also need to predict who will become World Champion of the drivers and the constructors.

The game will cost £8.58 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of £6,005 in prizes. The first prize will be £858 (141 GC prizes).

Value Formula 1 Drivers:

1 A Hamilton, Lewis 40 Mercedes

2 A Verstappen, Max 38.1 Red Bull Racing

3 A Bottas, Valtteri 34.4 Mercedes

4 A Perez, Sergio 32.2 Red Bull Racing

5 A Ricciardo, Daniel 27.8 McLaren

6 A Norris, Lando 26 McLaren

7 A Leclerc, Charles 22.5 Ferrari

8 A Sainz, Carlos 21.1 Ferrari

9 A Gasly, Pierre 19.9 AlphaTauri

10 A Alonso, Fernando 18.4 Alpine

11 A Vettel, Sebastian 17.6 Aston Martin

12 A Ocon, Esteban 17.3 Alpine

13 A Stroll, Lance 16.8 Aston Martin

14 A Tsunoda, Yuki 14.6 AlphaTauri

15 A Räikkönen, Kimi 13.1 Alfa Romeo Racing

16 A Giovinazzi, Antonio 12.9 Alfa Romeo Racing

17 A Russell, George 12 Williams

18 A Schumacher, Mick 10.5 Haas F1 Team

19 A Mazepin, Nikita 9.2 Haas F1 Team

20 A Latifi, Nicholas 8.8 Williams

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