'The double-start format is always hard' - Anderson on World Grand Prix

Gary Anderson will be out to avoid a giant killing as the World Number two has the task of tricky newcomer Richard North who has impressed on tour so far this year qualifying for this and probably the World Championship in turn looking at the Pro Tour order of merit but Gary issued a warning for Richard about how it's fair enough knocking out the big boys but he's got to learn the stage and also spoke about the hardness of the format at the Citywest.
"It was great in Dublin last year and I'd love to have another good run," said Anderson.
"I think I played Richard a couple of months ago but I keep hearing about him and he's been knocking out big names, but he's up on stage now and he's got to learn the stage.
"The double-start format is always hard - I'm lucky if I can finish a game on doubles, never mind start on doubles!"
Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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