Boulton on lack of crowd after Hedman win: "There wasn't a little bit of me that was thankful'

Andy Boulton survived a spirited fightback from Deta Hedman to win through to the second round and a meeting with Stephen Bunting at the 2020/21 PDC World Darts Championship.

For Boulton, he spoke afterwards about the lack of crowd and admitted that he was probably the only player who didn't want the crowd due to how they would have got behind Hedman.

"Massive relief, I felt really good going up to it. I felt probably the most relaxed I've ever felt and then it was just like the first six darts I felt really good and then I don't know if it's because the first six darts didn't go where they were supposed to go," said Boulton post match.

"I got really anxious and the nerves proper kicked in, I proper started thinking thank god the crowd aren't here, they would have proper got on my back."

"I was the only guy that high fived myself. When you qualify for Ally Pally, the crowd makes it. But there wasn't a little bit of me that was thankful, there was a lot of me."

"Number One I'm a darts player but number two I'm a darts fan so playing Deta on the Ally Pally stage. For me I'm playing a darts legend, I've known Deta for 20 odd years. At 2-0 up, there's a little bit of me as a darts fan that's like if I was sat at home, I'd be like 'DETA, DETA'."

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