Boulton wins last group in second phase of PDC Home Tour II

Andy Boulton has claimed the final group of the second phase at PDC Home Tour II.

Boulton remained unbeaten over the course of the day finishing on 12 points.

He saw off Steve Brown (5-4), Marko Kantele (5-3), Ron Meulenkamp (5-4), Matthew Edgar (5-3), Alan Tabern (5-1) and Ryan Meikle (5-4).

Ron Meulenkamp, Ryan Meikle and Marko Kantele finalise the top four.

Alan Tabern currently finishes top of the fifth placed but has played double the amount of games compared to Luke Woodhouse.

All matches can be viewed via the streaming service PDC TV . You do need to create an account, but there are no costs involved. The broadcast starts daily at 9:30 am.

From September 29 to October 7, five match days are scheduled in the second phase. Every day a group of seven players will be involved. The top four of each group will advance to the third phase. At the end of the second phase, the best fifth place player can also move through to the third round.

Phase Two Group Five

Wednesday October 7  

Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 Marko Kantele

Alan Tabern 5-4 Ryan Meikle

Andy Boulton 5-4 Steve Brown

Matthew Edgar 0-5 Ron Meulenkamp

Marko Kantele 3-5 Andy Boulton

Steve Brown 1-5 Alan Tabern

Ryan Meikle 2-5 Matthew Edgar

Andy Boulton 5-4 Ron Meulenkamp

Alan Tabern 2-5 Marko Kantele

Ryan Meikle 5-1 Steve Brown

Matthew Edgar 3-5 Andy Boulton

Ron Meulenkamp 5-3 Alan Tabern

Marko Kantele 2-5 Ryan Meikle

Steve Brown 3-5 Matthew Edgar

Alan Tabern 1-5 Andy Boulton

Ryan Meikle 5-1 Ron Meulenkamp

Steve Brown 2-5 Marko Kantele

Matthew Edgar 3-5 Alan Tabern

Andy Boulton 5-4 Ryan Meikle

Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Steve Brown

Marko Kantele 5-4 Matthew Edgar

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