Durrant reflects after hard-fought draw against Sherrock: "That was the toughest game I've ever had"

Glen Durrant defied a remarkable display from Fallon Sherrock to produce a draw against The History Maker who was potentially en route to claiming the first victory for a Challenger/Contender in the Premier League.

Durrant spoke afterwards and described it as the 'toughest' match he's ever played in his career and that despite the crowd getting criticised on social media, he lauded the atmosphere and didn't have any criticism for it.

"All credit goes to Fallon there, that was the toughest game I've ever had," Durrant admitted.

"It was a real challenge. I think playing Fallon on that stage was a lot harder than I maybe anticipated.

"The crowd were fantastic, I want to make it clear that they didn't put me off at all."


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