Edgar thinks Adrian Lewis could return to win big titles but with a caveat: "I don't think the break will be a couple of weeks"

Adrian Lewis recently announced he was stepping away from the game with the two-time World Champion announcing an indefinite break.

Michael Bridge and former Tour Card holder now turned pundit and commentator Matthew Edgar was quizzed about Lewis stepping away from the sport and why they think that it's only temporary.

"We talk about the strength of the Euro Tours at the moment and people missing out. You're dropping down, the Order of Merit has never been so competitive. How long will the break be? You forget he was brilliant at such a young age, I think that's a really difficult question," said Bridge on Love The Darts Podcast.

Edgar jumped in from there and explained why he thought Lewis will eventually return to the sport.

"I think he does, I think we're in a situation like you mention he's still quite young. You assume due to how long he's been around and how long ago that he won those World Championships that he's older than he is.

"I don't think the break will be a couple of weeks, I'm thinking at least the rest of this season maybe another year on top of that. I think he's going to carry on throwing, I think he feels there is something missing in his game.

"He's still playing good darts but he's not winning. The easiest thing is to take yourself out of that pressure cooker environment where you have to be winning.

"It's no longer a game to him, it's a lifestyle. It's a job, it will feel like work to him. Hopefully with this it will take away the work element and he will start to find the fun side of darts once again. When he does that, I think he could come back and win titles again."

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