Field of 128 participants playing for Tour Cards in Final Stage at PDC UK Q-School confirmed

The 96 players who have qualified through the First Stage of PDC UK Q-School are set and they will now join the 32 automatic qualifiers with 128 players now set to battle for the 17 available Tour Cards from Wednesday.

The four day winners will receive a Tour Card outright and in addition, the Order of Merit takes into account the 13 best players from there who will also receive one for 2022 and 2023.

Among those able to skip the First Stage due to a mix of losing their Tour Card and performing well on the Secondary Tours include Scott Waites, Matthew Edgar, Steve Brown, Josh Payne, Darren Beveridge and Cameron Menzies.

Those who were outright winners include Haupai Puha, John O'Shea, Robert Thornton and David Pallett among others who were joined by Fallon Sherrock, Ross Montgomery, Richie Burnett, Leighton Bennett among others who qualified through the Order of Merit.

Directly qualified for the final phase of the UK Q-School

Players who lost their PDC Tour Card: Scott Waites, Mickey Mansell, Ryan Murray, Nick Kenny, Matthew Edgar, Lisa Ashton, Wayne Jones, Ted Evetts, Andy Hamilton, James Wilson, Alan Tabern, Darren Webster, Peter Jacques, Ciaran Teehan Kai Fan Leung, Josh Payne, Steve Brown, Aaron Beeney, Gary Blades, Mark McGeeney, Darren Penhall

Numbers 2-8 on PDC UK Development Tour Order of Merit: Nathan Rafferty, Keelan Kay, Dom Taylor, Reece Colley, Liam Meek, Jarred Cole

Numbers 2 to 8 on PDC UK Challenge Tour Order of Merit: Shaun McDonald, Martin Thomas, Darren Beveridge, Cameron Menzies, Reece Robinson

Outright winners during the First Stage

Conor Heneghan, Michael Barnard, Josh Rock, Michael Flynn, Graham Usher, Nick Fullwell, Robert Rickwood, Haupai Puha, Matthew Dennant, Shaun Wilkinson, Ryan Hogarth, John O'Shea, Shaun Griffiths, Joshua Burksfield, Kevin Garcia, Greg Ritchie, George Killington, Jim McEwan, Dan Read, Justin Smith, Jacob Taylor, Mike Warburton, Robert Thornton, David Pallett

Q-School Order of Merit (First Stage)

Danny Lauby

Simon Stevenson

Kevin Burness

Darren Johnson

Connor Scutt

Alex Long

Robert Owen

Jamie Clark

Kevin McDine

Jason Hogg

Christopher Gilliland

Adam Atkinson

Andrew Hyland

Richie Burnett

Darryl Pilgrim

Scott Campbell

Stu Wilson

Graham Hall

Sean Fisher

Tom Lonsdale

Thomas Lovely

Adam Mold

Chris Quantock

Lee Budgen

Matt Clark

Nathan Girvan

David Wawrzewski

Ian Mackenzie

Ben Quenby

Stephen Burton

Josh McCarthy

Lee Cocks

Niall Culleton

Owen Emmett Bowden

Shane McGuirk

Joshua Richardson

Davie Kirwan

Mike Gillet

Callum Francis

Jordan Brooks

Michael Huntley

Arron Monk

Ben Hazel

Chris Hurds

Ross Montgomery

Fallon Sherrock

Scott Taylor

Paul Nesbitt

Diogo Portela

Leonard Gates

Leighton Bennett

Sam Cankett

Scott Williams

Carl Beattie

Chas Barstow

Gavin Carlin

Andy Jenkins

David Ladley

Jamie Lewis

Lewis Dare

Robert Collins

Mark Layton

Nathan Treadgold

Richard North

Scott Marsh

Gary Stone

Ryan Furness

Daniel Day

Adrian Gray

Rhys Hayden

Shaun Carroll

Kevin Lane

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