New Tour Card holder Callum Goffin receives suspended sentence and community service after fatal pub fire

Callum Goffin surprisingly won a PDC Tour Card at the Q-School earlier this month, but it remained to be seen whether he could make use of his Tour Card.

The Welshman stood trial in court with his mother on Monday for involvement in a fatal fire at a pub in Morecambe, which killed two people.

Goffin and his mother were convicted of violating safety rules at the working men's club. When a propane gas cylinder ignited, the emergency exits were closed and there was no emergency lighting. This prevented the two victims from getting out in time.

Callum who was working behind the bar, was given a suspended six-month jail sentence and 200 hours of community service. The mother of Goffin received a harsher sentence. She was seen as primarily responsible and must serve an eight-month prison sentence.

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