PDC President Hearn on World Cup format criticism: "I think we need more teams, I think it should be doubles throughout"

PDC President, Barry Hearn sympathises with the criticism when it comes to the World Cup of Darts with the format seeing mainly singles after the first round which many find boring and stale.

Hearn said there are changes in the pipeline but like anything it will be decided as a committee.

"I think there's going to be a few changes with the World Cup because it's gone down quite well globally. I think we need more teams in it, I think we've got to expect in the early days that some of those first round games are going to be a bit one sided," he said to Online Darts.

"But they were in the World Championship once and everyone criticised that. We are long term players so it's not a short term fix. I think it should be doubles throughout but we've got to sit down, we've got a committee of people that look at it and ask everyone their opinions. No rush, we'll get it right."

Potential Ryder Cup of Darts

But in terms of other tournaments such as a darts Ryder Cup between countries, it is firmly off the table for Hearn and the PDC.

"On the majors, the calendar is pretty full. ProTours 30 of them done, increased Prize Money, bigger tournaments in Europe done. Now there's only 52 weeks in a year and the top players are under pressure because they help us by being in tournaments, they give it more exposure but they're only human.

"Everyone's always going to have ideas of other tournaments but it's not broken so we don't fix it and most important that you don't flood a market. If you supply too much, the price goes down. I like to supply enough to justify a proper circuit but justify increased prices in terms of rights fees for broadcasters and streaming companies. We've got something very special, people want us and they're going to have to pay for the pleasure."

On workload

A lot of criticism has been waded in regarding the schedule and players getting burnt out but the message is simple from Hearn.

"Take a rest and don't play. See you later, plenty of other people waiting for the opportunity. I think different people have got different approaches to life. There's no pressure from us, we don't force anyone to play in everything, the choice is always with the individual as it should be."

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