Price claims PDC World Championship glory with brilliant victory over Anderson

Gerwyn Price is the winner of the 2021 PDC World Darts Championship after defeating Gary Anderson as 'The Iceman' achieves darting destiny.

He missed eleven match darts for a 7-2 victory as he nearly became embroiled in a battle with Anderson but in the end it was a 7-3 victory with 13 180's, three ton plus checkouts and 46% on the doubles which fell due to his woes towards the end.

It is another title for Price though and the biggest of all to add to the World Grand Prix, World Series of Darts Finals and World Cup of Darts in 2020 as well as the two Grand Slam wins.

It also sees the Welshman head into World Number One unseating Michael van Gerwen for the first time in over seven years.

Anderson missed double five for the opening leg but Price didn’t get a shot at 97 for the break and ‘The Flying Scotsman’ flew into the lead. But a 76 checkout settled Anderson into a 2-0 lead as he headed towards the opening set with a 2-0 lead.

Anderson missed double 18 for a 129 finish to claim the set but he made it three missed darts for the set and Price took the opportunity to break back with an 84 checkout.

A double 20 to hold saw Price send it all the way to a decider. A 180 and another roar saw Price aiming to hit the front on the Anderson throw and overturn the initial deficit. He pinned a 46 checkout to hit the front.

A 59 checkout saw a comfortable hold of throw for Price as he continued his momentum. A 180 saw Anderson leave 128 on his throw but a 102 set up left 60 for Price.

Anderson though fired up with that 128 not giving Price a shot as he turned around a potentially 2-0 leg deficit.

A 71 checkout suddenly saw Anderson break and go one away from a set back after potentially being on the verge of conceding the set.

Anderson left 139 on his throw but was suddenly under the cosh in the form of a 70 checkout leave. Price had darts to break and Anderson claim the set from there.

A 63 checkout saw Price claim a 12-dart immediate break of throw. Anderson left 74 after 12 but didn’t get a shot as Price doubled his lead.

He kicked off 180 on Anderson’s throw and looked to go towards a clean sweep but a 170 checkout saw Anderson gain a leg back.

But this was nothing more than a consolation as Price hit a 60 checkout on double 20 to lead. A 180 followed by an 84 checkout saw Price continue to motor.

Anderson missed two at doubles for a 74 checkout but was given another go with Price unable to find the target on 140, it was close though for ‘The Flying Scotsman’ who pinned double two to level it up.

A 120 sent Price into a 2-1 lead as he looked towards a two set cushion. He didn’t miss on double 20 again and he claimed that cushion.

Anderson was given pressure on the 90 checkout and didn’t get a shot and Price returned for a break on double nine to go 1-0 up.

A 180 from Anderson followed by a poor visit from Price gave him a shot at 96 but the latter returned for 97 which he pinned going double 19, double 20 to pounce on the mistake.

Anderson missed two at 70 but Price missed two for the set allowing ‘The Flying Scotsman’ to hold throw. A 76 checkout saw Price head into the lead 4-1 with 10/10 on double 20.

Anderson picked up the pace with a 180 but Price was 1-0 up with a 100 checkout to make it 11/11. A 161 checkout saw Price go 2-0 up and towards a 5-1 lead.

He followed that up with a 177 on his throw but missed 144 on double 12 for a nine-darter. He made it a 10-darter on double 12. It was a set average of 136.64 which is the highest in World Championship history.

It was another on double 20 as he broke throw again and he held with a 44 checkout on double 20 as he was one away from a 6-1 lead.

It was an eighth 180 but Anderson despite missing darts to hold finally hit double two after Price couldn’t capitalise for another clean sweep.

Price missed an 80 checkout and was no longer perfect on double 20 after drifting into double one and Anderson capitalised on an off period from Price to send it all the way to a decider.

He claimed it from there with a 17 darter on double 20 to make it 5-2 and begin to ask the question of Price who had the darts in the next set.

A 131 left 36 for Price who took it out to realign himself towards the finishing line. But Anderson held throw with a 60 checkout in an off leg for Price.

Price kicked off 45 and Anderson replied with a 180 but he missed double 11 for a 124 and Price was back for a 56 checkout on double 10 to go 2-1 up.

Anderson had 70 left but missed two darts allowing Price back for 72 but he missed bull after messing up on the checkout and Anderson decided to go for double one which he pinned.

A 140 started Price’s assault and he hit a 180 following that with 96 left for the set. He left double 20 with Anderson only able to add pressure in the form of a 174. But Price hit double 20 for a 14th time.

A 180 from Price saw him attack the Anderson throw as he looked to get it done early. He followed it up with a 139 as he looked to potentially put himself on a nine-dart finish. He pinned a 66 checkout on double 12 as he went 1-0 up.

A 180 left Anderson handy to break back but he missed multiple handfuls of darts to break back and Price punished with a 52 checkout to hold.

Anderson kicked off 180 on his throw as he hit five perfect darts. He missed double four for an 88 checkout but was back after Price couldn't hit a second treble 20 for a 170.

But Anderson missed three more and Price was set for match darts but he missed two and Anderson sent it to another leg where Price would have the throw.

A 140 and 138 left 164 as Price was first to a finish and he had six at 116 but missed a third match dart at the ton plus checkout.

He was back for double 10 but made it six match darts missed. But Anderson missed two for a 92 checkout and Price began to implode as Anderson sent it to a decider on double four.

A 180 and a shake of the head followed from Price after a poor leg and he left 40 albeit with Anderson hitting double 16 first dart.

He started to miss more and more darts at double as his confidence dived and Anderson broke throw as a result to break and hit the front towards a potential 6-4 deficit in a set where Price had the throw.

Anderson missed two for a 94 checkout and Price missed yet more darts which allowed Anderson to go 2-0 up.

Price finally hit double 20 with an ironic celebration but Anderson was still 2-1 up and Price needed a break to go towards the title again.

Anderson missed bull for a 127 and the set but Price missed 104. He was back though with Anderson missing two to hold hitting double 10.

A 177 began Price's throw but a 168 saw Anderson leave 134 but he missed the second double 20 and Price made it 11 missed match darts.

Price was allowed three more though but at double five and pinned it first time after going back to the Sid Waddell trophy and walking back to hit the double.

2021 PDC World Darts Championship schedule

Sunday January 3

Final (19:30 GMT)

Gary Anderson (94.25) 3-7 (100.08) Gerwyn Price (2-3, 3-1, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 0-3, 3-2, 2-3, 2-3)

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